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Ian Cooling and Imperial College: some facts

Ian Cooling’s claim in his election leaflet We hadn’t planned to run anything about the Wye election here. This website has never set out to tell anyone how to think let alone vote. All we have tried to do is … Continue reading

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Those nasty people at save-wye are at it again…

The Kentish Express has resolutely refused to cover any of the latest scandalous revelations about how our councils clubbed together with Imperial College to try to destroy Wye. But it can still find time to let people take stupid pops … Continue reading

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It’s time to kick the corruption out of Kent

With every turn of this astonishing tale, you wonder if it could all get any worse. As the latest round of secret documents to be released, very reluctantly, by our local authorities demonstrate, the story of the failed Wye Park … Continue reading

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The conspiracy of crap journalism

Today’s KE rolls into one splash the cut in Eurostar services at Ashford (bad news), the council u-turn on Wye Park (good news), and more delays on the Stour Centre opening (no news at all). Can you see the connection? … Continue reading

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It’s time for Imperial to do the decent thing

The village spirit we will not lose. A view of Wye by Steve Bloom The tanks are still on our lawn, their guns spiked, their turrets empty. The Sykes army has all but departed in silence, knowing the war is … Continue reading

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Of pirates, rats, legends, decay and hope

With Ashford Borough Council’s about turn on the LDF wording, Imperial’s buccaneering boat has been holed beneath the water-line and its plans to loot a large chunk of cash by despoiling our beloved countryside through covering it with millions of … Continue reading

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Here’s a way out, Imperial: it’s called farming

Imperial never understood this… but it’s the countryside that matters. So why can’t a deal be cut that preserves Wye’s green heart, and allows some modest development in the village itself? What a difference nine months make. At the turn … Continue reading

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