This section of the site is designed to be a repository for whatever documents we can find about the Wye development proposal. We will add to this collection as more material becomes available.

save-wye publications

This is starting to become a complicated story. So we felt it would be an idea to give newcomers somewhere to start if they wanted to understand it. The simple way is to download or view online our two-page background document below. This tells you how the Concordat story began, where we think it is now, tells you a little of why it is causing so many people concern, and sets out why we think this is a growing scandal that has implications for everyone in Kent, not just those who happen to live in the Ashford area.

When democracy goes bad: background to the Wye Concordat

save-wye 7  March 17, 2006

save-wye 7 March 24, 2006

save-wye 7 April 1, 2006

save-wye 7 April 8, 2006

save-wye 7 April 16, 2006

save-wye 7 April 23, 2006

special on non-food crops, May 15, 2006

save-wye 7 May 27, 2006

save-wye 7 June 2, 2006 

save-wye June 10, 2006

save-wye 7 June 25, 2006

The full text of the Kent Local Area Agreement, yet another Concordat, which makes interesting noises about the encouragement of local democracy is available here.

The original concordat document.

Minutes of the December 15 meeting of Ashford Borough Council here

The Bearman Report into the future of the Wye College campus in September here

Wye Parish Council’s letter to residents, January 14, 2005 here
Imperial’s deputy rector, Professor Sir Leszek Boryswiewicz, writes to Wye residents after the January 9 meeting. Professor Borysiewicz’s post-meeting letter

The letter inviting Wye residents to the meeting on January 9th.

In August 2005, Imperial College made six representations to Ashford Borough Council in an effort to get the Wye campus included in the Ashford Development Framework on the last day for submissions … more than three months before Wye had any inkling of the bombshell that was to hit the village.


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