Who we are

save-wye.org is now in a state of suspended animation for the happiest of reasons… the battle is won. But here, from June 2006, is our original remit…

This site has an odd history. I set up save-wye.org in January 2006 because I thought the area needed a non-partisan, independent website devoted solely to coverage of the Wye Concordat bombshell which broke upon us all the previous month. I hoped, naively as it turned out, that we needed a forum where people could share different opinions so that we could all make intelligent decisions about the far-reaching implications of the Wye development project.

In June, however, we decided to change the remit of the site, to reflect what had happened in practice. In truth, it was impossible to find pretty much anyone with a good word to say about the Wye Park project. So we decided to pitch the site wholeheartedly behind what we believe to be the general opinion of the community, namely that Wye Park is a bad idea which seems, to most living in this area, to be more appalling, and more ruthlessly prosecuted by its backers, than any of us appreciated back in January. So our brief now is to…

  • Oppose all attempts to turn over any part of the AONB to commercial development
  • Call for this huge project, one which would change an entire community forever, to be discussed fully in public
  • Examine and question fully and publicly, and open up to debate, every statement and proposal issued by Imperial, local authorities and councillors
  • Seek to be the first and most reliable source of news and information on the future of Wye

Who are we? My name is David Hewson. I’m a local resident, my kids went to Joanna Thornhill, and I regard the Wye area as my home. By training I’m a journalist. I was a reporter and arts correspondent on The Times for many years, then worked on the features department of the Independent before spending a decade as a columnist with the Sunday Times. These days I earn a crust by writing fiction, principally a series of novels set in Rome. If you’re interested, you can find out more about me on my personal web site.

After launching save-wye.org, I was both relieved and delighted to be joined by a fellow journalist and area resident, Justin Williams, who has brought his own fresh, invaluable viewpoint to bear. Justin has a long background in Kent journalism, and was editor of the Kentish Express. He is now assistant editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

We are in no way a splinter group, fifth column or in any other way competition for any existing organisation or body, be it the Parish council, the Wye Future Group, or any other website. We simply see ourselves as a single-issue communal noticeboard and information store which, hopefully, could be a resource for the Wye area for years to come, whatever your view of the Concordat. This site is designed as a large-scale, searchable datase which will allow you to retrieve anything written here quickly and easily through our search engine, however large the site becomes, and however many years it runs.

We are also keen to carry articles by anyone else who shares the same ideals. If you would like to write for us, or help get the message of opposition to Imperial across in any other way, please get in touch using the contact form above.

David Hewson, June 2006


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