Get the full Wye story now – and help save Kent

David Hewson writes… It’s more than a year now since Saved, my real-life account of the successful battle to prevent a huge housing complex swallowing the little Kent village of Wye, appeared. You can still buy the book in the village and online. But there’s a fresh outlet too.

For those of you too far away to get a book – or if you’d simply like to know what all the fuss is about you can now find the entire book available as a 99p (or equivalent) ebook on Kindle, for use on an ereader or Kindle app.

UK readers should go here.

US readers should go here.

Readers wanting to buy in euros should go here.

This site is an archive of the original now kindly hosted by WordPress for free. It documents the entire Wye campaign from its inception at the end of 2005 to the glorious victory over Imperial College’s development plans, and some of the aftermath. We hope you find it useful.

Read this document on Scribd: Saved by David Hewson


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Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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