Councillor Cooling gets it wrong again

We have been asked to point out a serious error in the election literature for Wye which has, say college insiders, caused great anxiety to students in the village. In his latest election leaflet Councillor Ian Cooling states, ‘The students studying the Applied Business degree who graduate this year, will be the last to be awarded a London University/Imperial College degree. Future degrees will be awarded by the UoK (University of Kent).’

This is entirely wrong. According to an insider within Wye College, ‘the statement will cause great anxiety to our own students; they do speak to the locals and hear all the rumours. We have had to spend a lot of time and energy assuring them that they (and their education) are protected from all the disruption caused by Imperial’s actions’.

The true situation is that all students currently studying at Wye will receive London University/Imperial College degrees whenever they graduate. Some are working on four-year degree courses which will not finish until 2010. They will not receive UoK degrees. Only students who start to study in Wye from next September will be given UoK degrees when they complete their studies.

Wye College staff are particularly puzzled by the mistake given that Councillor Cooling boasts in the same election leaflet that he is a member of the Court of the University of Kent and ‘I shall be keeping a close eye on all this’.

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  1. Michael Smith says:

    Ian Cooling strikes again!

    His motto seems to be: “If you don’t know the answer, just say the first thing that comes into your head.”

    Given his amazingly poor judgement last year, do the people of Wye really want such a chancer to continue as their elected representative?

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