save-wye the book… coming your way soon

What it won't look likeThe story of the fight to defend Wye against avaricious development and local authority neglect is a remarkable one. I’ve been thinking for some time that there ought to be some way in which it was recorded beyond this web-site, in a succinct and linear fashion for people who would like to sit down and read it at length away from the evil electronic glare of the computer. Something called a ‘book’ seemed the most appropriate medium.

I’m pleased to say that the first draft is now complete and arrangements are under way to have it published, hopefully by April, in time to give people something to ruminate over in the run-up to local elections. The cover you see on the right is for illustrative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as anything other than an indication of the kind of book it will be.

I should also make clear this is my work alone, not Justin’s, who’s been much too busy to devote time to a little local publishing effort. It isn’t a hagiography or some gleeful whitewash, but a very personal and frank account of what took place, with, I hope, a few fresh insights. The book will set out to recount the events of 2006 as I saw them, frankly, and with full disclosure about the path to the glorious day of September 15.

Wye was lucky on several fronts. Lucky that its opponents were so fragmented and disorganised. Lucky that sufficient residents came forward to tackle the threat to its existence. And lucky that, in Justin Williams, we had an extraordinary investigative journalist who was able to bring to light documents and facts we were never supposed to see.

More than anything, though, Wye was just lucky. Next time we may not be. We’ve been contacted by many campaigners up and down the country asking how we won when so many others lost. I can only answer that question by being honest about everything, including our own failings, so that others can do better in the future.

I’ll post more information about publication dates and some rather exciting news about other aspects of this project when the time is right. But please expect some form of launch event, in the village naturally, around April.


About David Hewson

Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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13 Responses to save-wye the book… coming your way soon

  1. M Sorken says:

    I look forward to it’s release, consider three books already sold.

  2. Edward S Burgess says:

    I similarly. tedburgess

  3. John Walters says:

    I have often thought that the story would make an excellent docu-drama or be a subject for the likes of Panorama. But a book is a brilliant idea and there for posterity. Who would you dedicate it to…….? Two more sold and a lot of the Wye Alumni will be interested too.

  4. David Hewson says:

    Who would you dedicate it to…….?

    All will be revealed in due course, John… I’m not going to be over-coy about this but we have a good deal of work to do with the printing and distribution and other matters to sort out during January at which stage I would hope to fix a launch date in the village. Quite where I don’t know at this stage…. So expect an update with more details in January.

  5. Ben Moorhead says:

    What a great idea, and it looks like you have nearly delivered already. Fleet Street, where my office is, is abuzz with the news!I think you can safely order the re-print now.
    By the way the mock cover looks great.
    Happy Christmas to all save-wye viewers and save-wye.

  6. Cliff Whitbourn says:

    Can you please arrange for a large print edition, with suitable footnotes, for our short sighted and forgetful Borough and County Councillors.

  7. David Hewson says:

    Can you please arrange for a large print edition, with suitable footnotes, for our short sighted and forgetful Borough and County Councillors.


  8. Kerry Bethel says:

    David’s book is very exciting prospect. However, I doubt whether politicians at all levels, their hired mercenaries and the South Ken ‘get rich quick’ scholastic cowboys would share the same wave of enthusiasm. They have alot to be very nervous about.

    In Civil Wars the Generals should be careful pick the right moment to cross the battlefield when defecting to the other side. The least that can be said in favour of our County Council representative is that he did not do this as he was proverbally so far from the battlefield for the entirety of the conflict that the marathon would have exhausted him!

  9. Kerry Bethel says:

    During the period between Christmas and the New Year the media feels duty bound to fuel our decadent lifestyles with quizzes and games of all varieties. How about one of our own based upon the possibility that David’s book is turned into a big budget film?

    Which actors – alive or dead -would be ideally suited for the main parts?

    Perhaps Danny Devito for Cllr Clokie , W C Field for Cllr Findlay, Boris Karloff for Boris with Basil Brush as his sidekick ‘Pinball’ Wilson, and Cardew Robinson for Paul Carter?

  10. Richard Bartley says:

    Congratulations! The site is one year old today, with 101,101 hits not out. What an innings and a perfectly balanced score too!

    Reflecting on the events of 2006 David is right to stress the importance of Wye’s luck, but his timely analysis and management of that good luck was also vital. Many thanks.

    Although the Wye Park saga was complicated, with many diversionary sub-plots and false clues, no doubt the eagerly awaited book will draw all the strands together for us, ere we forget.

  11. Anthony Fothergill says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary of the website and the fantastic news on the forthcoming book, 2 copies for this household please !!, it should serve as a timely source of guidance and inspiration for everyone in this Country who is sick and tired of overdevelopment, greedy corporations and corrupt local authorities who would bury us all under concrete to swell their already bloated bank accounts, while trampling over the hard won democratic rights of ordinairy People.

    very best wishes

  12. jack woodford says:

    At a recent parish Forum, it appears that our Borough Council have chosen to forget all about the fiasco of last year and their involvment with the Imperial College Vision, it just appears to be business as usual…ie the Stour Centre overspend project, traffic jams on the ring road, junction 10 gridlock, rubbish and junk in the streets of Ashford, and surrounding rivers and streams, and of course our on going problems in Wye…the Oil Field Depot Site, Broken up Roads etc…but at least with a lot of support from the various groups in Wye we managed to stop the biggest disaster of them all so far..the Imperial College Vision!

  13. Kerry Bethel says:

    Jack, even a blind dog can find a bone sometimes although it seems that our local governing politicians don’t have such luck.

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