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Those nasty people at save-wye are at it again…

The Kentish Express has resolutely refused to cover any of the latest scandalous revelations about how our councils clubbed together with Imperial College to try to destroy Wye. But it can still find time to let people take stupid pops … Continue reading

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It’s time to kick the corruption out of Kent

With every turn of this astonishing tale, you wonder if it could all get any worse. As the latest round of secret documents to be released, very reluctantly, by our local authorities demonstrate, the story of the failed Wye Park … Continue reading

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How to get a top table seat: join ‘The Friends’

The battle for Wye represented a famous victory in the war for a proper, functioning democracy in our county. But although that battle was won, the wider war against the corruption of our democractic rights is being lost on virtually … Continue reading

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Cllr Clokie: how much did he really know?

When he and his officers suddenly did their incredible volte face in September and announced that Wye Park would not be included in the Local Development Framework, Ashford council leader Paul Clokie issued a statement saying that in signing the … Continue reading

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The deal to ‘negotiate’ away the future of Wye

As bodies financed by our money, Kent County Council, Ashford Borough Council and Imperial College fall within the cover of the Freedom of Information Act, which is just as well since, if they didn’t, we’d probably have surveyors measuring up … Continue reading

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How Wye could have been a new town after all

You read here yesterday how Kent County Council knew, back in 2004, that Imperial College craved to reap £100 million from its land holdings in Wye, more than ten times the sum that the estate cost it in the first … Continue reading

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They all knew about the housing back in 2004

We think Project Alchemy represents a failure of democracy and a scandal of governance of monumental proportions. Imperial may have been defeated, its grasping would-be property developers sent packing and its main proponent — the ominipresent David Brooks Wilson — … Continue reading

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