A short reminder of what we all might lose

Tomorrow is a momentous day in the history of east Kent. A select few members of Ashford Borough Council will finally get the chance to pass an opinion on Imperial College’s plans to bury Wye in a swathe of new development that would destroy the area’s rural outlook forever and set worrying precedents for the protected status of countryside throughout the UK.

[QUICKTIME rtsp://streaming.save-wye.org/streaming.save-wye.org/wyemedstream.mov 320 260]

They can vote to allow the Imperial plan into the council’s local development framework. Or they can listen to the pleas of residents, conservation organisations and a growing number of environmental groups and make Imperial’s plans effectively unworkable, either by leaving it out altogether or imposing conditions that make the massive redevelopment of the area impractical.

Rather than give ABC more reasons to turn its back on Ashford, we thought we’d show you some reasons why the Wye Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty deserves to be saved from the bulldozer, for everyone, not just those who live there. You’ll need just five minutes, a broadband connection and the latest free Quicktime multimedia plugin to view the small movie above.

Downloadable high quality Quicktime version (Right click and save to your own computer — 32 mb).


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  1. Kerry Bethel says:

    In a comment by Sean Furey to save-wye’s article ‘Clokie to anglers’ published on 7th September, he pointed out that Cllr Clokie’s attitude towards Imperial was far from glowing. Cllr Clokie was of the view that ABC wanted Wye College to be redeveloped as a research facility, using existing brownfield land and did not want development in the AONB.

    We’ll see how reliable this statement is after tonight.

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