Some interesting new visitors to save-wye

We welcome all around here, and like most websites have software that lists where people come from and what they do. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed a lot of interest from some companies we wouldn’t normally expect to be interested in a very local story out here in rural Kent. Here, for your interest, are some of those who have made repeated visits to this site over the last fortnight. If any of these firms want to know something, by the way, do please ask. We don’t believe in unnecessary secrecy around here.

Kroll Inc is one of the world’s largest security and risk consulting companies. It advises companies on screening, security services and investigations. When it’s not looking at save-wye it can, according to the Financial Times, be found providing security for US workers in Iraq. Big corporations and institutions often employ it, at considerable expense, for its ‘investigative expertise’.

Jones Lang LaSalle bill themselves as ‘the world’s leading real estate services and money management firm’. They boast, ‘With 2005 revenue of approximately $1.4 billion, the company provides comprehensive integrated real estate and investment management expertise on a local, regional and global level to owner, occupier and investor clients.’

CMS Cameron McKenna are a very large London law firm who seem to cover every kind of litigation and other legal service you might ever want. They also seem to have got into a bit of a row with a lady who says she has complained to the police that they tried to hack her website for some reason.

Berwin Leighton Paisner are a ‘premier City of London law firm’ who spent most of this morning reading our back articles.

It must be the prospect that Wye’s green acres won’t get despoiled by Imperial’s housing estate that has attracted the attention of these people. I can only imagine they’re would-be residents checking out the area. Whatever the reason for your visit, folks, if you have a question, you only have to ask.

Update. It seems I need to issue a quick correction thanks to the swift work of an eagle-eyed reader. BLP are, in fact, working on behalf of Imperial, which we know from a presentation by none other than KCC’s Pete Raine. Whoever gets the bill for this at Imperial might care to know they have notched up 155 visits in the last two weeks, most of them in the last five hours…

Update 2. You’ll never believe it but our eagle-eyed readers have just spotted that CMS Cameron McKenna aren’t disinterested visitors either. According to one of their websites, ‘We have advised… Imperial College London on one of the world’s largest industry-university collaborations, worth approximately £60 million, to construct a new Medical Research Facility and Imaging Centre’. Wouldn’t all that money from tuition fees and the public purse be better spent on education rather than the law?


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