Ian Cooling says, ‘Bring in the Ombudsman’

Wye’s borough councillor Ian Cooling has called for an inquiry by the Local Government Ombudsman into the role of Ashford Council over Wye Park. In a statement to save-wye which may mark the first public indication of a split on the ruling Tory group over Imperial’s plans, Cllr Cooling says, ‘I was originally sceptical about the value of an enquiry by the Local Government Ombudsman. I now believe that there is so much rumour, counter-rumour, accusations, conflicting information, disinformation and lack of information, along with a degree of unfamiliarity with what is and is not permitted under planning law, that such a process is now needed as a catharsis.

‘I gather WFG are preparing a submission for such an enquiry. I now hope that this happens sooner rather than later.’

He also bucks what is thought to be mainstream ABC policy — in other words, what Paul Clokie wants — on other points too…

  • He is against the construction of a new road into the village from Junction 10a, which is thought to be about to come under active discussion within ABC and would be needed to support a housing development of the scale envisaged by Imperial.
  • He says he has ‘serious concerns’ about the draft Wye policy document in the LDF, and is working for its removal, which is one of the four main demands of the village over the Imperial project.
  • There should be no ‘manufacturing or other industrial processes’ in the village.

You can read the full statement here.


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