Someone gets Wye past the Kentish Express

One of the reasons this site came into existence was that we came to the conclusion coverage of Wye Park was going to be pretty spotty in the local press, namely the Kentish Express. Things bucked up a few months ago when it seems someone on the paper realised there was a story to be written here.

Then it all bounced back into near silence again… even when some of the revelations coming out of the process include actual plans and maps. This week’s paper contains not a word on what could be the biggest building project in the area since the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. But if you go to the letters page you will find one cunning reader has snuck in a mention of Wye, even though the real subject may well have escaped the KE’s editors.

Take a look at the letter headed, ‘My ambition would create lots of jobs’ below…



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