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The case for the prosecution… start here

While save-wye is finished, our inquiries have turned out to have something of an afterlife of their own. This is scarcely surprising since Freedom of Information requests and other official exchanges often takes weeks or months to complete. These efforts … Continue reading

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Some parting questions for ‘The Usual Suspects’

Click on the name to go there: Paul Clokie, David Hill, Ian Cooling, Paul Carter, Pete Raine and a rare photograph of the elusive Charles Findlay. Wye Park is dead, our job is done. But before we go we’d like … Continue reading

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Now can you please help the folks on the hill?

Shrubs Wood in spring, bluebells and coppice… all now under threat Wye Park was a story of greed or, to use the exact term preferred by those in the business, ‘land banking’. Imperial College had acquired the Wye estate at … Continue reading

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Imperial makes it official: Wye Park is dead

Under threat no more: the green acres of Wye. Photo: Steve Bloom Imperial College this morning announced that it is abandoning its controversial plans for a research park, science hub and housing development in Wye. After months of revelations and … Continue reading

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And this is the end for too…

This is the last substantive article you will read on save-wye. There will be a few loose ends to be cleared up over the next few days, and we will be bringing you news of another, smaller environmental scandal in … Continue reading

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We said you’d make a difference… and you did

The flood of letters of complaint to Ashford Borough Council was one reason the authority changed its position on Wye… and now every one of you who wrote in is about to receive the same reply from planning chief Richard … Continue reading

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The conspiracy of crap journalism

Today’s KE rolls into one splash the cut in Eurostar services at Ashford (bad news), the council u-turn on Wye Park (good news), and more delays on the Stour Centre opening (no news at all). Can you see the connection? … Continue reading

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