takes the fight to BP

It is poised to give Imperial £250million for a global centre to research biofuels but, as far as we are know, BP is completely unaware that the college is aiming to fund its share of the venture and make space for it at South Kensington by destroying the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty around Wye. That’s why we are now encouraging our readers to print out and send the enclosed letter to the head of BP — Lord Browne — so that he is in no doubt about what his company will be indirectly associated with, if it awards its global biofuels centre to Imperial College.
As has reported extensively over the last six weeks, representatives from BP were given a presentation by Imperial on August 21 as part of its bid to host the centre. Originally, Imperial had made research into biofuels the centrepiece of its Wye Park vision. But when BP announced plans for a global institute to be hosted by a UK or US-based university, Wye was downgraded to become a bog-standard science park to make room for the new centre — to be called the Porter Institute — at South Kensington. As we revealed, the June 12 presentation to Imperial College’s management board was told that AONB land would be sold for housing development to provide Imperial with a £100million ‘endowment’ to be put towards the scheme in South Kensington.

You can read the agenda for the August 21 presentation to BP here — as you will see, it makes no mention of Imperial’s plans for Wye. believes that the chairman of BP should be aware that his company — if it awards the biofuels centre to Imperial — would be implicated in the destruction of a nationally-important landscape and a community of 2,500 people. We are sending Lord Browne, as well as all of the directors and non-executive directors of BP, the enclosed letter and the recent four-page edition of monthly to make sure that they are fully aware of the strength of feeling about Imperial’s plans for the area.

We said recently that the battle for Wye has now been joined and this letter to BP is an important new front in that battle. It is very important that as many people as possible download the letter and send it to Lord Browne to stop Imperial’s nightmare being visited on Wye.

Download the letter here


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  1. Kerry Bethel says:

    I assume that those who wrote to Lord Browne, Chairman of BP will have received a similar letter to that which I received this morning from Benjamin Janes, UK Social & Community Affairs stating:-

    “We are in the process of selecting a host for the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) and Imperial College London (ICL) is just one of a number of canidates. The future of the Wye site is not part of any discussions we are having with ICL.

    We therefore feel that the matter you have raised regarding Wye is one you should discuss with ICL.”

  2. Mike Holland says:

    I received exactly the same this morning

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