That Imperial College presentation in full

montage1.jpgThere seems to be some confusion about the authenticity of the maps and extracts we have carried from the June 12 report to the Imperial Council management board (a story you can read here). On Wednesday night, at the monthly Wye Consultation Panel meeting with Imperial, the man in charge of the science park project, David Brooks Wilson, complained that the extracts we ran never made it into the presentation given to the board and that they were from ‘a draft which was one of 27’.

We didn’t publish the entire presentation because we felt it was unnecessary and the size of the file is enormous. The extracts, we thought, spoke for themselves. However we have now discovered that the entire document is freely available on the internet through a website in the US,, where it has been converted into an ordinary site which can be viewed much like this one. We have looked at this site and can verify that the document is indeed the final version shown to the board at the June meeting which also proved the basis of our reports.

At the same time we’re publishing a copy of an email sent out by the office of the rector, Sir Richard Sykes, to some of Imperial’s contractors which shows that, despite all the protestation, Imperial knew in June exactly what it would do with its landholding in Wye, what its ‘preferred option’ is and confirms that it has delayed any decision on whether to go ahead with the project:


Management Board and Property Advisory Committee 12 June 2006 Wye Park Project


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2 Responses to That Imperial College presentation in full

  1. Jack Woodford says:

    As Mr Brooks-Wilson never reads this website, or comments on it, maybe he should pay attention to the website www,, which appears to show some details, which at our last meeting, were deemed not worthy of comment…more smoke and mirrors , in effect nothing ruled in and nothing ruled out …. we are all hoping that at our next meeting all will be finally disclosed.

  2. David Hewson says:

    “As Mr Brooks-Wilson never reads this website, or comments on it…”
    The second part is certainly true, Jack, but I can assure you the first most certainly isn’t, and we know that to be fact.

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