Hey, Cllr Clokie, you won’t believe it but we put two and two together and came up with four!


Oh ye of little faith, Paul Clokie. You didn’t believe us when we exclusively revealed that the Imperial College Wye Park ‘vision’ was as good as dead (a story which you can read here). You didn’t believe us when we told you that Sir Richard Sykes was now keen on pursuing another romance: namely with BP at his South Kensington campus (even though this story confirmed it). You told the Kentish Express that you thought we had put ‘two and two together and come up with 15’.

And Damian Green. What can we say? In an amazing comment that sounded like some kind of weird echo, you told Kent on Sunday that you thought we had ‘put five and five together and come up with 20’.

We do hope these strangely similar phrases weren’t first uttered by one David Brooks Wilson when he was hastily dishing out those rather bland reassurances to you both. But what about the consultation group, you ask. We were assured by Mr Brooks Wilson and the hapless Borys that all was going to plan. Why would they not be straight with us, of all people? I mean … come on, Imperial College? They wouldn’t try to deceive us … would they?

And Richard Alderton, Pete Raine and all the others in Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council nervously chewing their nails praying for an end to the silence coming from the Temple of Doom in Exhibition Road, SW7 2AZ? Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody said something … anything … to dispel that terrible sinking feeling you have? That feeling that suggests all is not well with Wye Park. The feeling that leads you to suspect the planning application you were promised next year might not appear in the in tray after all.

Can it really be true? Can it be true after all that donkey work for the Professor and his friend — the Kent Ambassador who doesn’t live in Kent — the secret meetings, the two ‘concordats’, the ludicrous amounts of effort put in to try and make Imperial’s ‘vision’ of the Garden of England under a cloud of vegetable oil smoke pumped out by a fractionation plant a reality, the perversion of democracy, the contempt with which you have treated the very people who pay your wages? Can it be that 12,500 jobs won’t be coming to Wye, Ashford, East Kent or wherever it was you said last week?

It pains us to do this. It really does. After all, you put your jobs and your reputations on the line because you believed all the guff from Imperial, Tamesis, Gerald Eve and the others involved in this shoddy affair: that this project was so important that the AONB had to make way for scientists, factories and homes… thousands of them. We take no pleasure in saying this but … WE TOLD YOU SO.

We promised we would start to unravel this nonsense and now we are going to start delivering on that promise. So here we publish the email sent out by Imperial’s estates department on June 27 to the contractors it was taking off the Wye Park project with immediate effect.

It confirms what we told you. Read it and then tell us we can’t do the maths.

The cancellation email


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One Response to Hey, Cllr Clokie, you won’t believe it but we put two and two together and came up with four!

  1. Kerry Bethel says:

    The inability of politicians to discern the truth when it is blindingly obvious was explained by G K Chesterton who said “Politicians are the blind leading the people who can see”.

    This is certainly the position here. Thanks to save-wye we have been privy to facts and information that has enabled us to see through the web of deceit that some in this sorry and lamentable episode have tried to spin in the pursuit of fools gold.

    Why Messrs Clokie and Green will not come clean and acknowledge the obvious is very disquieting and poses questions as to their underlying motives?

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