Monthly Archives: August 2006 takes the fight to BP

It is poised to give Imperial £250million for a global centre to research biofuels but, as far as we are know, BP is completely unaware that the college is aiming to fund its share of the venture and make space … Continue reading

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Privacy and the GOSE: you have none

We’ve lodged a formal complaint with the Government Office of the South East (GOSE) for breach of privacy over its proven habit of leaking our Freedom of Information requests to Imperial College. This is just one instance of many in … Continue reading

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A wonderful letter for Richard Alderton

It’s only eight days since we suggested those of you who oppose Wye Park write to Richard Alderton, Ashford’s planning chief, and ask him to leave it out of the core strategy currently being put together by the council. But … Continue reading

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ICL to Alderton: Just get on with your job

Richard Alderton, Ashford’s head of planning, returns to his desk today after a three-week summer holiday in which the quagmire of Imperial College’s involvement in the drafting of the Local Development Framework must have seemed a million miles away. We … Continue reading

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Where are the councillors when you need them?

Many years ago I possessed a rubber brick for throwing at the telly when it annoyed me. Somehow it got lost which is a shame because fifteen minutes into the programme on Wye, in the Perfect Village series, I was … Continue reading

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That Imperial College presentation in full

There seems to be some confusion about the authenticity of the maps and extracts we have carried from the June 12 report to the Imperial Council management board (a story you can read here). On Wednesday night, at the monthly … Continue reading

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Whitehall says: we’re steering clear

As you read here yesterday, Imperial and its council supporters may have been boasting, prematurely, that they had some of the highest levels of government on their side. But now we can reveal that the Department for Communities & Local … Continue reading

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