Official: IC to have no academic staff in Wye

Imperial College’s presence in Wye will very soon be in name only. The steady rundown of the college, and the transfer of existing undergraduate staff to the University of Kent, will result in Imperial having no academic staff there whatsoever, probably within the next fourteen months when the 2007-8 academic year begins a year in September.

While the college has been telling all and sundry that the purpose of Wye Park is to maintain its presence in the village — and without massive redevelopment its role there is doomed — the internal minutes of its own staff joint committee tell an entirely different story. We now present to you the verbatim minutes of the committee held on February 2 last.

These state very clearly…

LL confirmed that the Wye regeneration project had been announced which was positive news for Wye. LL confirmed that staff going to work for the University of Kent would go over on TUPE terms. SH confirmed that all Imperial academic staff would either transfer to the South Kensington Campus or become University of Kent staff. There was nothing further to report.

So on the one hand the Wye ‘regeneration project’ is positive news for the village. And in the next breath we discover that there will no longer be any academic staff employed by Imperial in the ‘revived’ college.

We understand that the once world-famous teaching staff of Wye has now been reduced to around seven academic employees outside the business studies department which Imperial invented to boost numbers, and is now selling on to the University of Kent. All seven are being pressured to work in London from some time next year.

One can only remember the words of Richard Sykes when he launched the great Concordat plan and wonder. Here they are, from last December two months before Imperial privately decided to chop every last academic in Wye…

We plan to enhance the existing campus to provide a facility of a scale rivalling the best in the world, creating an academic, business and residential community of the highest quality.


Imperial College staff committee minutes Feb 2 06


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