Official: David Brooks Wilson has not resigned


Shush… Prof Borys (left) and David BW have nothing to say, honest

Few things have been coming out of Imperial College of late, for reasons which regular readers will understand very well: it’s not nice having to break bad news (well bad for Imperial). But a growing tide of rumour has been gripping the organisation in London and Wye centred around gossip that one key player in the Concordat fiasco has thrown in the towel and quit. Who? Well, not David Brooks Wilson, say Tamesis the project’s PR people.

So in case you happen to be one of those mischievous folk putting this rumour around let save-wye — always ones to set the record straight — give it you straight from the horse’s mouth. We asked the company’s Sebastian Hanley whether the rumour was true. He e-mailed back and said, ‘I don’t know who the source is, but Mr Brooks Wilson hasn’t resigned.’

OK? Oh, but I ought just to add…

Mr BW has been the subject of scuttlebutt and tittle tattle before. Back in May we heard a rumour that he was moving from his position as estates director and contacted Sebastian Hanley to check. We were told…

David Brooks Wilson is Director of Estates at Imperial and as such has a leading role in developing and strengthening the College estate. He has always had a major role in the liaison with the village and surrounding area, as has the Deputy Rector.

There has been no change to this and both Mr Brooks Wilson and the Deputy Rector continue to be involved in investigating the delivery of Imperial’s scientific vision at the campus in Wye.

This was odd because the day before we were told this a notice went out to senior Imperial staff revealing that…

Mr. David Brooks Wilson will move from the Estates Division to work on special projects, reporting directly to the Rector.

The notice added he would, ‘advise the Rector on strategic property matters and, in particular, take responsibility for the Wye Project and the delivery of current large construction projects such as Southside and Burlington Danes.’ On the basis of this, which removed, or so it appeared, Professor Sir Leszek Boryswiecz, from direct control of Wye Park we awarded Prof Borys the first entry on our new Curse of the Concordat award, right.

Around this time — we would be flattered if our award prompted this, but we have no information to suggest this is the case — Prof Borys started writing to all and sundry to say, no, he was in charge, really, in spite of the memo that went out that said, very clearly, the opposite. The present situation is, like pretty much everything else to do with Wye Park, exceedingly unclear. However, we tend to feel that anyone as closely associated with this disaster as Prof Borys clearly is must be considered cursed in one way or another. So his name will remain on the list, though one can’t help but wonder… whose will be next, and when will we be writing it?

Still, we are happy to be able to clarify the situation with regards to Mr Brooks Wilson, and trust you lot will find more profitable ways to spend your time than passing on idle and clearly baseless gossip willy nilly. Must be the heat…


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