A chance to have your say?

Towards 2010Fancy the opportunity to tell Paul Clokie and KCC’s Paul Carter exactly what you think about the state of things in your neighbourhood? Who knows, you might even get the chance to squeeze in a couple of questions and comments about Wye before someone rules you out of order?

Next Monday our two great council leaders are hosting a public meeting in the Ashford Council Chamber where you can make your views heard on Towards 2010, a document setting out KCC’s goals ‘for the future of Kent to make the county an even better place to live, work and enjoy’. Plans, you may care to remind these gentlemen, that, if they got their way, would involve the destruction of an entire community and hundreds of acres of beautiful protected countryside.

Far be it from us to pour scorn on these elected leaders’ attempts to engage the peasants in some small simulacrum of democracy. But we feel it only fair to point out that…

  • The advert for this event only went out on July 20, four days before it takes place.
  • This is perfect timing to make sure no-one turns up, since the schools are breaking up and hordes of us are off on holidays.
  • Ashford Council Chamber isn’t exactly the place to hold the local equivalent of Live8.
  • The sole contact number is someone’s mobile.

Still, if you do decide to go along, and manage to squeeze in a decent question before the thought police intervene, do tell us all what happened.


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One Response to A chance to have your say?

  1. Jack Woodford says:

    The Leader of ABC makes frequent remarks that the leader of Ashford Independent is always enquiring into the facts surrounding the involvment of the Borough Council with the Imperial College Project, even though he does not represent the Ward of Wye with Hinxhill…and his only interest is political! No other Ward Members , of any of the other Political Parties appear to be interested in the current debate about Imperial College and its proposals for Wye and district, and as the Leader of Ashford Independents points out, it is of legitimate concern to the whole of the Borough of Ashford. Do the Ward Members not have a responsibility to the concerns of the electorate, rather than ‘towing some party line’, at least Derek Wyatt, MP for Sittingbourne is making some noises about the proposed development of the Kent Science Park. The latest published figures for membership of all the major political parties, show that more people are members of the RSPB (Royal Bird Society) than the Tory, Labour, and Lib Dems….one wonders why? Monday night in the Civic Centre may be an opportunity to address some of the questions Wye Residents currently have.

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