Euro MP blasts Imperial over science park

Caroline LucasImperial College has received its sharpest criticism to date from an elected public representative, with a warning from the South East Euro MP Caroline Lucas (right) that she is already being asked to fight any proposed EU funding for the plan.

MEP Lucas, a member of the Green Party, has written to all members of the Imperial Board asking them to take up concerns about the college’s plans for Wye directly with the rector Professor Sir Richard Sykes. She tells them, ‘The potential consequences for the surrounding area include increases in traffic, a reduction in tourism, and the devastation of an AONB that is home to a number of protected species. These are just a few of the ways that life in Wye would be altered by this major construction project.’

The college has received few critical comments in public from elected councillors of MPs, though the leader of Ashford Independents, Cllr Peter Davison, has been a long term critic of the secrecy surrounding the plans and Ashford Tory MP Damian Green recently broke a largely discreet silence on the issue by making much the same criticism.

Caroline Green does not mince her words, however, warning, ‘Imperial College’s long standing commitment to preserving the environment may well be questioned publicly if the development plan is taken forward in its current state.’

You can read the letter in full below.

Letter from Caroline Lucas MEP to Imperial Board


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One Response to Euro MP blasts Imperial over science park

  1. Kerry Bethel says:

    Although it seems the threat of Imperialgate might have been averted thanks in no small part to BP, a big vote of thanks should be given to South East Euro MP Caroline Lucas for her passionate and strident defence of our hitherto protected countryside. Good on her! She stuck her head up way above the parapet and fired some good shots. Tis a pity other elected representatives chose not to follow her example and left us to fend for ourselves.

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