A small point about the poll…

While I don’t wish to discourage anyone from voting in any of our polls, least of all the current one, could I please make one thing clear. We make no attempt to discover the identity of people who use this site. But our system is a standard WordPress installation and it will log the IP address people use when accessing interactive areas such as polls. For individuals, this means little; all we record is the IP address of your ISP and then, in the case of the poll, try to make sure you can’t vote twice with the same machine. In corporate networks, we record the identity of the network and the IP address in the same way.

I say all this to discourage anyone from thinking they can fool the poll system into recording a bounced result. You can try, but we will notice. For example right now our current poll has six people voting against the majority view at the moment. It is very easy for us to see that five of them come from within Imperial College and one from inside Kent County Council. If any of you are residents of the Wye area I suggest you vote from a home PC in future. It might be more convincing.

PS. Just to be fair and accurate, I should say there are now substantially more votes from computers within Imperial College in favour of keeping the AONB sacrosanct than in favour of sacrificing it to keep IC in the village.


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Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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5 Responses to A small point about the poll…

  1. Chris Pound says:


    I appreciate the need to use a polling system of this type but there is one down side to this way of recording votes.

    At my location I have a number of computers sharing one IP address, so when I want to vote along with someone else your system will suggest that I am trying to vote twice.

    Is there any way your system can register two valid votes from two different computers on the same IP address?

    At the moment the vote is at least 1 short on the “Never. The AONB is sacrosanct” side of the poll as two of us want to vote in this way.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Pound

  2. Matt says:

    Hi – I may be doing something wrong here but how do you ‘vote’ in your poll – I don’t appear to be able to access it properly (or have you closed it)?


  3. Alan Paterson says:

    My comment is the same as Chris’ – Val and I both want to vote, but only one can from here, from our single computer – and we don’t even know what an IP is! Please register two votes for “Never. The OANB is sacrosanct.” I can think of many other couples in the same situation.
    Best wishes
    Alan Paterson

  4. David Hewson says:

    I’ve added two votes for Chris and Alan. I’m not sure what the problem is at your end, Matt. The poll is open and all you do is simply tick the box and hit vote. If you’re not seeing it this must mean someone else on the same IP address has voted already. If that’s the case just let me know and I will adjust accordingly. In fact we will do this for anyone if you just post a message here saying, ‘We are Fred, Wilma and Cuddles Flintstone and we’d all like to vote such and such’ for example. Unfortunately there’s no way to change the security of the poll system without forcing people to register which would impact participation somewhat I think.

  5. Diana Pound says:

    Could you please include both mine, Bryony Pound, and my brothers Joel Pound and Isaac Pound in the ‘The AONB is Sacrosanct’ part of the poll.

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