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The Kent development rift gets bigger

On Thursday Ashford Borough Council leader Paul Clokie was rubbishing the suggestion of architect Sir Terry Farrell that the government abandon huge development in places like Ashford and focus instead on developing unused land closer to London in the Thames … Continue reading

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What Imperial is really planning with BP

The full extent of the game that Imperial is playing with the people of Kent as it quietly downgrades its Wye Park ‘vision’ in favour of a scheme involving BP at the college’s London headquarters is revealed today. Despite continued … Continue reading

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What Clokie really thinks of affordable housing

Imperial’s local authority foot soldiers have been busy trying to blind locals to the truth behind the plans for Wye Park, often with such blandishments as ‘affordable housing’ so that local young people can enter the housing market. As we … Continue reading

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Sykes looks to the Gulf for friends

Imperial College’s rector Professor Sir Richard Sykes warned us all that if we cut up rough about letting him rule the roost over Wye his new energy research ideas could ‘all go to Abu Dhabi‘. And he was right. Imperial … Continue reading

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Two strikes and Wye is out

At last! After months of being ignored Wye residents finally had an opportunity to question our County and Borough councillors in person. How lucky we are to live in a vibrant democracy, with free speech and open to ideas. On … Continue reading

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Befuddled as ever, Clokie battles on

Today’s Kentish Express contains another pearl of wisdom from Ashford council leader Paul Clokie, this time on the suggestion by leading architect Sir Terry Farrell that John Prescott’s plans to concrete over the south east ought to be abandoned for … Continue reading

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Countess Sondes says… er, something

After some struggle we have found the article in the Evening Standard in which Countess Sondes discusses, albeit briefly, the Wye Park project and her involvement in it. This is not, to be honest, earth-shattering stuff, nor will you feel … Continue reading

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