Finding your way around the new save-wye

I hope I can keep this short and sweet. As well as pointing this site in a new and single-minded direction, I’ve taken the opportunity to do some housekeeping. The aim has been to make save-wye easier to use, navigate and read. First off you will notice the new Wye photo gallery which is summed up by our little photo graphic to the right. If you’d like to add your pictures to the pot — and see them here — please e-mail us through the contact form (we can’t do this automatically at the moment unfortunately). All nice Wye photos, no bigger than 800 by 600 in size, are welcome.

I have also taken the opportunity to change radically the site’s ‘mission statement’ to reflect its new role. In the past neither I nor Justin made much of our journalistic credentials, but given recent events, and the accusations of amateurism from certain quarters, I thought that now was, perhaps, the time to be a little less self-effacing.

The basic structure and content of the site is much the same as before, but with bigger type and a cleaner layout thanks to two wonderful young designers at Tarski Themes who, for free, provided the basic template (I have bought them a drink through Paypal; one of them is in Bristol the other, in the US, ain’t the internet wonderful). Any bits that don’t work, though, are due to my fumbling, not the chaps behind Tarski.

save-wye is growing quickly in terms of content now, and I was also very aware that it just isn’t as easy to find things as it used to be. So there are some improvements on that front too. Click on the new archives link and you will find articles organised very logically by date. Scroll down the page and you will see that, as well as our own search engine, you can now search save-wye directly through Google too. This will be more thorough and ‘fuzzy’ than our own engine, though not necessarily quite as up-to-date.

Shortly we will be adding something magical called ‘tags’ to each story, which will enable you to browse through articles visually by linking contents — tracking down anything that includes ‘endangered species’ and ‘scientific research’. We also plan to produce a better documents repository where you can find all of the many documents we have accumulated here in one place. The tagging and library effort is being undertaken by an anonymous supporter; we’re very grateful for the help.

If you have any questions about anything, or ways we can improve the site, do please let us know.


About David Hewson

Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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