Countess Sondes: Imperial are nothing to do with me

Countess Sondes, the American-born landowner whose plans for a UN-backed non-foods centre appear to have kick-started Imperial’s property ambitions for Wye, has told Kent on Sunday the science park idea has nothing to do with her.

In an interview today, she declared, ‘I support Imperial College but they have not even decided whether ot not they are going to build the science park. Regardless of this, I have no relationship whatsoever with them or what they are doing in Wye.’

The situation surrounding the non-foods centre, which is supposed to open this year, now appears as murky and uncertain as pretty much everything else in the Wye Concordat morass of half-announced, half-explained plans.

Countess Sondes does not rule out taking space on any Imperial science park. ‘There is a chance, if Imperial decides to go forward, to co-locate with Imperial. I am extremely impressed by themm and this appears to be an area they are committed to. But there is no business relationship with them at the moment.’

Quite where this leaves us all is anyone’s guess. In a message to save-wye on June 2 Countess Sondes says, among other things, that any international centre ‘will not be involved directly in research’ and hasn’t responded when we asked exactly what it did involve in that case. You can read the KoS story below.

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