No more anonymous comments, please

I have done my best to try to make it possible for people to comment anonymously on ths site but unfortunately the habits of a minority make this impossible to continue. From now on all comments must be accompanied by a real name — which will be used — and a real e-mail address — which won’t.

I appreciate there are people who, for professional reasons, feel they can’t reveal their identity when commenting. If they wish to contact us through the form here we will happily talk about running their views as anonymous articles. But the anonymous commenting feature has been abused by a tiny minority who seem to think it acceptable to use save-wye as a nasty graffiti wall where they can try to say things they would never utter under their own name. This is unacceptable, bad for this site, and, most importantly of all, a distraction from the more important matters for which save-wye was created. It also generates an enormous amount of work since someone has to read through all this stuff and try to work out whether it is acceptable or not — something that can easily lead to wrong and unfortunate decisions. We have better things to do frankly.

This feature has been used responsibly by most of those taking advantage of it. But I really feel there is no longer any choice in this matter. So names in future please… and any anonymous comments still in the queue have now been deleted.


About David Hewson

Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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One Response to No more anonymous comments, please

  1. Cliff Whitbourn says:

    Well done. There will be no gain to the overall objective of exposing any possible wrongdoing by officials, elected or otherwise, by individuals who themselves wish to hide behind a parapet of anonymity whilst indulging in mudslinging.

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