Wye Park: News in brief

That questionnaire: Remember the farce of the questionnaire drawn up by Tamesis PR and posted on the wyecampusvision.org site? You know, the one that pre-supposed the village wanted to see some form of development and gave everybody about four minutes to respond before it was embarrassingly withdrawn? Well, a new one is about to come out, one that has been boiled down to just four questions and which asks such gems as ‘what makes Wye special to you?’ Er…

Timescale appears to be a problem again though, with residents being given until the end of June to reply.

Sebastian Hanley of Tamesis responds: ‘The date on the revised questionnaire was indicative. It was issued to members of the Wye Consultation Panel as a draft for comment as agreed at the previous meeting. The deadline date will be partly dependent on when the questionnaire is sent out to households in Wye, but we will provide a minimum of 21 days for response.’

England 1 Brooks Wilson Globetrotters 0: The workshop with architects SOM due to be held at Withersdane on June 20 has been postponed until June 26 because of the pesky World Cup. Sebastian Hanley of Tamesis PR explains: ‘Due to the World Cup game between England and Sweden, it has been rescheduled to the 26th June to ensure all invited members have the opportunity to attend.’ The date of the next consultation panel meeting with opera nut David Brooks Wilson — June 22 — has not changed.

Newts take root: The ecologists hired by Imperial to survey the great crested newt colonies on and around the college’s landholding continue to get very excited about one pond that borders the estate in Brook. A visit at the weekend found 77 newts in one small area. Given that England is home to 95 per cent of the world’s great crested newt population, that the South East is the nation’s newt central and that Wye has very significant populations, it seems even more likely that the amphibians are going to cost Imperial a great deal of money if a decision is taken to go ahead with the grand projet.

And they haven’t even got on to the water voles …


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4 Responses to Wye Park: News in brief

  1. Wye Consultation Panel says:

    Who is on the Wye Consultation Panel, Who elected them, what is their role? and who are they consulting with?

  2. Calixtus says:

    The Wye Consultation Panel would include those whose ego’s are massaged by the the perceived importance of being chosen to discuss the future of the village and are unconcerned that they are unelected and do not have a mandate from the villagers to act in this capacity.

  3. J Osborne says:

    It has been so easy for Imperial to lure people into committing ‘suttee’ by launching themselves onto the bonfire of vanities known as the Wye Consultation Panel.

    WCP is a spin factory product to enable Imperial to claim that its plans when revealed are the result of this local consultation.

    It is a glaringly obvious trap which those unelected and unmandated people suckered in may live to regret.

  4. Angela says:

    In response to ‘Wye Consultation Panel’ ll June, this is the name given by ICL to their meetings with Wye Parish Council. Who elected them? We did. What is their role? To represent us. How are they doing this? Firstly, by making ICL aware of the 5-point Parish Position,set out in their letter to us all of 17 March. (This letter also invited anyone with contrary views to discuss them with the Council on the morning of Saturday 25 March. It appears that no such views were received.) Secondly, by their series of letters (14 January, 17 March and 27 May) keeping us informed of these meetings and the outcomes.

    ICL has also, we are told, invited Damian Green, Charles Findlay and Ian Cooling to these meetings. Who elected them? We did.

    All these letters and documents are available in Wye Library, or the relevant websites.

    I can only assume that Calixtus and J Osborne don’t live in the village (possible) or can’t read (unlikely).

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