Official… David Brooks Wilson is the man for the job

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In: David Brooks Wilson. Out: Prof Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

Remember where you read it first. As we revealed over a week ago, Imperial is shuffling the deckchairs on the Wye Park project. No longer will deputy rector Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz be the main man dealing with the project, but David Brooks Wilson, who is relinquishing his job as estates director to become ‘College Property Advisor with immediate effect, reporting directly to the Rector’.

A notice to this effect has gone out to Imperial staff — you will find a copy below. It says Mr Brooks Wilson will ‘advise the Rector on strategic property matters and, in particular, take responsibility for the Wye Project and the delivery of current large construction projects such as Southside and Burlington Danes. He will be a member of the Portfolio Review Board and the Property Advisory Committee.’ And just when we were learning to spell Prof Borys’s name without having to check it up.

Mind you, Mr BW has some nomenclature oddities too. Until five years ago he was plain David Wilson, for example. You can read more on him in our profile here. Though to be honest, we think there’s probably more to be said about this interesting chap in the future.

Prof Borys will continue to do other important things for Imperial, of course, and this is a change of responsibilities, not the chop. Nevertheless, given the widespread career blight which appears to be stemming from association with Wye Park, we feel we should make him the first recipient of the save-wye Curse of the Concordat award.


Imperial College’s new ‘property advisor’


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