Sandy Bruce Lockhart goes loco over ‘localism’


Pick the appropriate SBL for the appropriate occasion.

Not content with signing a secret Concordat that could end up destroying Wye as we know it, former KCC leader, and soon to be ennobled lord, Sandy Bruce Lockhart has now embraced a new political faith: ‘localism’.

He waxes on and on about it in the Guardian today and, if you are keen on articles that invent new words — we don’t just get ‘localism’ but we get ‘localist’ too — you’d best sit back with something strong and tuck in here. Because it includes such beauties as…

We see an erosion of democracy, a crisis of trust, and a cynicism towards politicians and their ability to deliver solutions. We must give people back power and influence over their lives, and over their local services, and the future of the places where they live.

Er… quite. So perhaps Sir Sandy could start the giving back by telling us what went on at the secret meeting he attended last week in Maidstone, attended by Imperial and selected local representatives, one that looks very much as if it was all about getting the crumbling Concordat of which he was an architect back on the tracks.

That would help us all understand what ‘localism’ means, wouldn’t it? Otherwise the cynics among us might have to invent another new word for it. Such as ‘bollocksism’.

Alternatively, if you would like to ask him yourself, and support our good friends at the Council for the Protection of Rural England, you could fork out £15 for a jolly event at Mershem le Hatch on June 7 next Wednesday. Sir Sandy is among the speakers and is expected to cover non-food crops during a CPRE/National Farmers Union debate entitled: Can our countryside survive farming’s future?

More information: CPRE Kent, 3 Evegate Park Barn, Station Road, Smeeth, Ashford TN25 6SX. Tel: 01303 815180.


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