Now you can chat in our new forum

We have reintroduced a discussion forum. You can find it here. Please take a look around and let us know what you think (preferably on the forum).

We hope you will use it for…

  • Recording wildlife sightings
  • Discussing aspects of the campaign
  • Raising questions that others might be able to answer in an easier way than through simple comments

Anyone can post to the areas on how to use the site without pre-registration. But to post to the forum anonymously you will need to register. This is painless, happens once, and simply requires a real e-mail address. It will let you start topics, upload photographs and add events to the online calendar. We don’t need to know your identity from that e-mail address. If it’s a brand new one from Hotmail it doesn’t matter. But you will need it to register the first time.

The forum will be unmoderated to begin with, until we see how things go. It is a very powerful thing (which is one way of saying I don’t fully understand it yet). But it will do some very clever stuff, such as allow you to post photographs and communicate privately with other members.

Let us know if you have suggestions for other topic areas.


About David Hewson

Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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