The CPRE commits itself to fighting Imperial to the last


The Campaign to Protect Rural England in Kent have weighed in on the Wye Park controversy, and summed up local feelings in a single sentence: ‘(it) would probably seem like some strange joke to the people of Wye, were they not contemplating the destruction of everything they love about their village.’

In a fierce and well-informed editorial, headlined ‘Behaving imperially’, the normally mildly spoken CPRE fumes, ‘This nightmare blueprint for Wye’s future would bring thousands of new residents and a daily army of commuters pouring along a new road, sliced through fields and woodland from the M20 to plug the village into the motorway network. A permanent, character-destroying alteration of one of Kent’s most lovely villages would take place, and with it wholesale destruction of Wye’s surrounding countryside.’

This lengthy and detailed piece is well worth a read, and distributing to others interested in the future of Wye. It concludes, ‘We shall, through our Ashford Committee and branch office — as well as alongside the people of Wye and their organisations — try to keep this issue in the public eye. We will also, through written submission and oral representation, do everything we can to stop national, regional, county and district government policy evolving in such a way that would assist Imperial and its woefully inappropriate conception.’

We hope Imperial’s governors take note when they have to consider whether to take this madcap grandiose scheme forward later this year. As the CPRE’s closing remarks indicate, the protest queue to drag you through each and every piece of local, national and European legislation designed to protect every last blade of grass and protected species of fauna and flora in Wye is beginning to lengthen… and we have scarcely begun.


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3 Responses to The CPRE commits itself to fighting Imperial to the last

  1. Jim Little says:

    Many thanks for promoting our work. If it’s OK to submit a shameless plug:

    CPRE Kent campaigns to prevent ill-condidered development proposals – such as Imperial’s current plans for Wye – destroying the natural beauty of our county.

    For more information, visit, call 01303 815180 or write to us at:
    3 Evegate Park Barn
    Station Road
    TN25 6SX.

    Jim Little
    Campaigns Officer

  2. This is really good news, and I have just put my cheque in the post to become a member of CPRE and support them in their endeavours for Wye.

  3. Kerry Bethel says:


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