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Our weekly digest was skipped last week because of lack of time on the part of the two of us. I hope it will appear at the weekend, but in the meantime here is one of a sporadic series of special reports which will be published when appropriate. This one summarises the very interesting information Justin discovered about the truth behind the UN non-foods crops centre planned for the village, which Imperial like to make out is at the heart of their plans. Needless to say the facts are somewhat different.

Please print out and pass around as you see fit — and we will be producing copies for the New Flying Horse too. And excuse the cruddy design and one obvious typo on page 2 — all this print stuff is Justin’s bag, not mine, but he’s on hols right now.

You can download the two-page printout below.

Oh… and a special, and final, message for the correspondent formerly known as J.Lo. Will you either follow the rules and supply a real e-mail address or kindly stop sending us comments under new fake ones? Our system doesn’t know who you are, but it knows the IP address from which you are sending these comments — which actually I would like to use, if they met the rules. So inventing new fake e-mail addresses simply won’t work, and wastes time I would rather use on something else.

save-wye special on the UN non-foods crops centre


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