New Wye shock: someone’s making the place greener

We like to bring you good news from time to time. So here’s some hot off the digital press. The heart of Wye just got a lot greener with the opening of the amazing new cottage garden at the New Flying Horse, an exact copy of the one that won first prize at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Shepherd Neame have named the tiny thatched cottage ‘pub’ in the garden The Chelsea Pensioner and got a bunch of the red-coated chaps out in force to help cut the ribbon. The new outside area features a pond and a children’s play area, plus so much grass and beautifully kept flower beds your own little patch may look a bit scruffy by comparison. Quite where these people find perfect broad bean plants in blossom at the beginning of May is beyond me.

You can experience a little of this with our first video, above. You will need broadband and the latest free Macromedia Flash player installed — available in the Flash section here. It’s worth having — we hope to use more video, and this player will also let you see Google’s new video service. But if all you see is video without sound or vice versa it means you need to update your version.

Below you will find some photos from the event too. The New Flying Horse has done more than most to publicise save-wye, for which we are very grateful. Without Cliff’s steadfast display of information on the bar, we would never reach so many people. And the expense Shepherd Neame have gone to in order to create this little green oasis in the village shows Kent’s brewer has plenty of community spirit too. As one of the Chelsea pensioners remarked, ‘I wouldn’t mind living here myself — I think it may be even nicer than home.’

Pensioners and beer

Listening to Shepherd Neame president Robert Neame address the guests.

Cutting the ribbon

Putting up with the ‘just one more time’ routine from the photographers.

The cottage

The new cottage ‘pub’ — named The Chelsea Pensioner.

The garden

There’s plenty of unspoilt green space, safe from the bulldozer.

Vegetable patch

The place even runs to a vegetable garden complete with mature beans, peas, carrots and turnips, among others.

The view

There’s a beautiful view back to the village too, with the church tower in the distance.


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