Another parish council expresses its concerns

It’s always nice to have good neighbours, and that’s just what the people on the other side of the A28 in Boughton Aluph and Eastwell are. They have written to the principal players in Wye Park — Imperial, Ashford and Kent County Council — and made it plain they are not in favour of grandiose redevelopment either.

Richard Honey, chairman of the parish council, writes…

Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Parish adjoins Wye, alongside the A28. The Parish Council considered Imperial College’s development plans for Wye, and in particular what would comprise appropriate development. In doing so, it drew on a position statement prepared by Wye Parish Council. The Council adopted the following position:

  • The continuing presence of Imperial College as a provider of higher education and research in Wye is to be encouraged.
  • The redevelopment of previously-developed land owned by Imperial College within the village confines is to be welcomed, provided that any new or replacement buildings are of a suitable size and scale to be harmonious with existing College and village buildings, and in keeping with the AONB setting.
  • Development outside the existing Imperial College sites in Wye, in open countryside and particularly in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is to be opposed.
  • The development should not include new housing on any significant scale.
  • The sale of any land in the open countryside for development is to be opposed.
  • Adequate infrastructure must be in place before any development takes place.
  • Proper provision should be made for vehicular traffic travelling to Wye from Canterbury along the A28.

The Parish Council would ask that Imperial College take these points into account in formulating its detailed plans for the Wye Park Project.


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  1. Jack Woodford says:

    As a concerned resident of Wye, i would like to thank the Parish Council of Boughton Aluph and Eastwell, for taking an interest in the Imperial College Project, and its possible effect on Wye and District…if we could have a similar interest from some of the other surrounding Parish’s, and even possibly some of the urban areas of Ashford ie Kennington, Little Burton Farm Estate, Willesborough etc it may even develop some wider form of community spirit, which at present is very evident in Wye.

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