save-wye passes the 10k visitor mark

I still have to pinch myself a little over this but we have now welcomed our ten thousandth individual visitor since counting started on January 8. In the early days we were lucky to get a couple of hundred curious viewers a week. Now we regularly attract more than that each day — as you can see from the graphs at the foot of this article.

Thanks for your interest. And thanks in particular to Justin who came in with his own special brand of enthusiasm just when I was wondering whether it was worth continuing at all. I began this site thinking that the Wye Park project — as we now know it — was worthy of a single issue discussion forum where lots of individuals could chip in with news, opinion and ideas. That never really worked, but thanks to Justin we found another purpose: as a highly focused online local newspaper, one which, with his very hard work and the constant support of Cliff at the New Flying Horse and our friends at Wye News, is now available in a free weekly print digest too.

I’m really grateful to everyone who has helped us develop save-wye, often anonymously, and occasionally in difficult circumstances. I hope you feel it’s been worthwhile and that we are becoming a timely source of information and debate on a fast-moving subject that seems to change by the week. There is clearly much to come in the months ahead so all articles — whatever their viewpoint — are welcome (and will be particularly so this week because I will be out of the country). We’ll happily talk you through the do’s and don’ts of writing an article. It’s not that hard; what matters is that you have something interesting to say.

We will never charge for save-wye or ask for money for what we do. But, having invested in a very nice colour laser printer for the print edition, we are facing running costs of around 1p per copy — which currently means around £20 or more a week (we won’t have exact figures until the first toner cartridges run out). Looking at the way the print edition gets quickly grabbed off the bar where Cliff so prominently displays issues and in Wye News I’ve no doubt this is a really useful exercise, and one that has made many people aware of the Wye Park project who would otherwise never have known about it. So it’s definitely worthwhile.

We have received some very kind anonymous donations towards this print run, for which we are very grateful. There’s no rush on any of this, but if someone wants to come up with ideas for a toner cartridge fund, or a company would like to sponsor an issue or two in return for a logo on the print version and the site, please get in touch. We’re happy to donate our time and the internet hosting, but a little help with paper and ink, in return for the single ad in a publication with a pretty healthy readership these days, would help spread these weekly costs. Or if someone else has a better idea, just let us know — we are open to all suggestions, and I emphasise, there is no hurry. One way or another we will appear as long as there’s something to write about, and someone to write it.

And now for the pretty graphs….

How the stats shaped up back in February — peaking at 477 in the week we revealed the existence of the secret Concordat signing.


How they look now…. Lots of visitors, but those green bars indicate that people stay a while and read a lot too.



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  1. Jack Woodford says:

    As we now have 10,000 readers who appear to have an interest in the on-going developments of the Imperial College Project, and some of whom may be voting in the Local Elections on Thursday this week, please take note of the local Politics that surround this whole project. We have a Tory Controlled Local Council, a Tory Controlled County Council, a Tory MP who is still on the fence (various other persons including the Lord Lieutenant, and a Labour MP ) and last but no means least the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.When Prescott is not involved in his other activities,we know that he is busy planning the building and concreting over, of large areas of the South East, we now now have the results of his handiwork, in South Ashford, and we are sure he would like to extend that to the area around Wye.As only about a third of people bother to vote in local elections,and of those third, about 50% vote on bias, and the other 50%in ignorance, those of you who will be voting on Thursday, pay attention to local issues, and vote for the candidate who represents an independent local view, rather than the established Political Groupings…otherwise you will in all probability also end up with an unwelcomed massive development on your doorstep.

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