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Could this be Ashford’s perfect ‘science park’?

In a week’s time Ashford Borough Council look set to wave through outline planning permission for the ideal location for a mixed development of science park, industrial units and domestic housing. It covers 25 acres, but stands right next to … Continue reading

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Why another Imperial pipedream bit the dust

The Paddington super hospital fell apart after disagreements among the partners The National Audit Office, the government body which decides whether tax-payers get good value for their money, has just come out with a report on a huge failed project … Continue reading

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Now the nationals are starting to look

It took a while, but Wye Park is now beginning to creep onto the national agenda, in ways which surely won’t make for easier sleeping within the ramparts of Imperial College. The Sunday Times has today produced a long and … Continue reading

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Watch Richard Sykes demolish something important

What university rectors do for fun: Richard Sykes demolishing a Grade II listed building If you would like to see a couple of the major players in this saga in the virtual flesh as it were, head off to this … Continue reading

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And it’s official… there really is no shortage of land

We gave you some real life facts from the marketplace earlier this week to show that, contrary to the claims of Wye’s would be developers, there is no shortage of commercial land in the area. Now it turns out that … Continue reading

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Imperial shuffles deckchairs: iceberg still looms

Anyone missing the ancient art of Kremlin-watching — where distant observers had to read internal reshuffles in Russia to find out what was really going on — may care to transfer their skills to Imperial College. Changes are afoot there, … Continue reading

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New save-wye7 available

The latest edition of our print digest save-wye7 is now available. Please feel free to print it out and distribute as you see fit. Copies are also available in the New Flying Horse and Wye News. Thanks to everyone for … Continue reading

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