save-wye hits a new daily record


Yesterday saw our biggest single daily readership. At 355 unique visitors — including many who came back more than once — it’s not Google, but we think it’s pretty good going for a single issue website concerning a village with a small population, and it is three times the readership we were getting six weeks ago. Over the last seven days more than 1,400 different people came to save-wye from all over the world, including government institutions, local councils, and many departments and individuals within Imperial College. We hope that one of the key messages of save-wye — that this story is about more than a supposed Nimby backlash against development — is starting to get through.

Please bear in mind that we are very keen to carry a range of opinions on this issue. If you would like your say, use the contact form to get in touch. You don’t need to live near Wye; we welcome the views of everyone.


About David Hewson

Professional novelist, published in more than 20 languages. Creator of the Nic Costa series set in modern Rome, Pieter Vos in Amsterdam, adaptions of the Sarah Lund stories in Copenhagen, and versions of Shakespeare worked for Audible.
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