Coming soon: our Imperial College edition

We’ve had some tremendous success with our online edition has a readership of 6,500 people and our print edition is five weeks old this weekend.

But there is one very important group of people that we worry are not getting to read the whole, unbiased and unspun story about Imperial’s faltering plans to build a science park and up to 4,000 houses in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: the staff, students and governing council of Imperial itself.

That is why we are now launching monthly: Imperial College edition. Once a month, we’ll bundle up the best and most informative news and comment from and send it to those on the other side of the fence: the governing body, the staff at Wye, South Kensington and Silwood and the students at all three campuses.

That way, nobody will be able to complain that they didn’t get the full story.


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5 Responses to Coming soon: our Imperial College edition

  1. Gertrude says:

    great idea.

    but can these people read? need to make sure it’s in words they can understand. as was said to Wye on a previous occasion……by? the name escapes me.

  2. David Hewson says:

    I suspect there are a lot of people inside Imperial who are far from happy about what has gone on in Wye. Judging the whole of Imperial on the actions of an unelected leader like Richard Sykes is rather worse than judging every last American on the actions of George W Bush, who can (second time round anyway) claim most people voted for him.

    I’m with Justin; we should be reaching out to the everyday students and academics in Imperial, not alienating them.

  3. Doris says:

    I think this is an excellent plan: we absolutely need to reach them all from governors to staff and students.

    One wonders if those academics that Professor Borysiewicz showed us on 9 January in support of Imperial’s five star status knew that their work was also being used to help justify a monstrous development down in Wye.

    Did they know their names were implicitly endorsing the destruction of hundreds of acres of countryside?

  4. Jo says:

    I mentioned the Wye saga to a friend who recently finished his PhD at IC. He said it was definitely worth publicising it to the student and staff bodies – it would only confirm their suspicions of Sykes’s megalomania!

    Most of the students at IC haven’t a clue where Wye is, let alone how beautifully situated. The ‘green’ & outdoor-type student clubs might be particularly good recipients of your piece about the joys of spring in the North Downs. The Outdoor, orienteering, fell walking and cross-country clubs and the Environmental society (bet they’ve never heard of WyeCycle) all might like to know about another place they might have to cross off their lists in future.

    Happy to help.

    P.S. What a dull lot these scientists are. I have been looking at a list of IC’s student clubs and societies. Where are the poohsticks club, the historic battle re-enactment society, the morris dancers and the Trekkies? My hopes rose when I saw the Pugwash society, but apparently it’s all about raising “awareness of the ethical dilemmas created by the interaction of science, technology, medicine, and the arts within contemporary society”. (So maybe worth adding to the list after all.)

  5. David Hewson says:

    Jumping jellyfish! Pugwash should sue… Or perhaps I should rename this site ‘The Black Pig’?

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