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Seventh edition of 7 available

This week’s issue of 7 — its seventh edition — is available for download now. Please download it and print it out and, if you are able to, distribute a few copies to those who do not have access … Continue reading

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The jobs figure goes walkabout again

KCC’s planning boss Pete Raine has been remarkably visible this week, first in the Kentish Express here, and tomorrow in an interview with Kent on Sunday. And once again, like most people involved in this project, he is having enormous … Continue reading

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Sorry chaps, lunch is off. Didn’t realise the son-in-law had gone and opened his mouth in Parliament

For those enthusiastic about Imperial College’s plans to turn Wye into the non-food crops equivalent of Silicon Valley, it was to be the social event of the year. The names on the guest list read like the signatories to the … Continue reading

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Imperial says Wye will be a ‘life-changing experience’

The college’s website PR fails to tell potential students what is actually happening And I guess most of us wouldn’t argue with that. But if you are a student thinking of choosing Imperial at Wye for your future best not … Continue reading

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And now KCC are giving Imperial free staff

It’s all just an idea, you understand, and no-one has made up their minds about anything. All the same, Kent County Council intend to spend your tax money on providing Imperial with a free employee to work on the plan … Continue reading

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Pete Raine lets the truth slip… and it’s not pretty

I never thought I would write these words but… Praise be to the Kentish Express! The old beast finally got its act together this week and delivered a page of news on the Wye Park controversy that is informed, impartial … Continue reading

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Does this signal ICL’s attitude to the planning process?

It’s 8ft tall and 3ft wide, made of shiny white plastic and helpfully directs visitors to Imperial College’s Wye campus to all points north, east, south and west. The new sign — which appeared early this week — also tells … Continue reading

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