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This is fast becoming a complicated story, and one that newcomers may find a little baffling. So, in accordance with a welcome and highly sensible suggestion from Cliff of the New Flying Horse we now have a two-page background document which you can read online and print out too. It is called, as the picture says, ‘When democracy goes bad’, and you can find it below and on our new background page, which also includes a couple of new window stickers too. Please print out and use as you see fit — it really helps us if you pass copies of this, and save-wye.org7, to people without internet access or anyone who has yet to hear of this site.

Please note that we have now discontinued updating our press coverage page. This is because only one newspaper, Kent on Sunday, sees fit to cover this story in any detailed professional way. If Wye interests you, it’s essential reading… and a very good newspaper in its own right.

When democracy goes bad: background to the Wye Concordat


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