Ian Cooling to write for save-wye

We’re delighted to tell you that Ian Cooling, Wye’s borough councillor, is to contribute his own opinions on the Imperial College development issue here on save-wye. His first piece will be his open letter to villagers which will be distributed around the Parish shortly. This will lay out where Ian stands at the moment, give an outline of the results from a series of wide-ranging discussions he has had across the community over the past three months and offer his thoughts on how he can best work for the community in the weeks and months to come.

You can comment on it in the usual way, and Ian is keen to answer your questions if you post them through the site too. In case people are still in any doubt about the nature of save-wye let me reiterate: Ian’s appearance here in no way indicates his support or agreement with articles by other people on this site. I’m sure he disagrees with things he reads here, and he’s absolutely free to say so.

Save-wye is a focal point for dialogue, not a campaign group trying to steer any of you towards any particular conclusion or consensus. We simply want to see the facts out in the open for all to see and mull over. We’re really pleased that Ian has become the first elected representative to choose to open up his views to the public through save-wye. If any other councillors would like to have a similar platform they need only ask.


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