WFG press officer quits over ‘secret website’

Wye Future Group’s press officer has quit the organisation in protest over the ‘covert’ construction of a new website.

Tatiana Cant resigned after claiming that she had not been told about the new site – The website had been constructed by Chris Pound and Garth McCleod and was supposed to be a draft to be put to other members for approval. understands that the group was forced to use the obscure .info domain after discovering that the domains, and had been registered by Ms Cant’s partner, Kamal Sayanay, in his business’s name — Kantara — on February 11.

Ms Cant’s departure from the group is a major blow for the organisation which has not yet been officially launched and only recently drew up a constitution. In her resignation, Ms Cant said that she had been ‘greatly insulted’ that the website had been set up without either her or Mr Sayanay being told. But sources within the WFG insist that the was a draft site only and was to have been put to the group — including Ms Cant — as soon as a meeting could be arranged.

Tatiana Cant
Tatiana Cant: ‘insulted’

Ms Cant’s departure has prompted Ben Moorhead, a member of the so-called ‘Indigo’ media committee of the WFG and one of the organisation’s two main spokesmen, to threaten to resign as well. In a message to other members of the group, he said that ‘Indigo’ had agreed to look at creating a dedicated WFG site as an offshoot to — Wye’s commercial website which is run by Ms Cant and Mr Sayanay. He said that he was ‘astonished’ to find that Ms Cant and Mr Sayanay were not copied in on emails about the site.

But Mr Pound said that he emailed the ‘technical’ members of the group — including Ms Cant and Ms Sayanay — to decide on a meeting to discuss the creation of the site. He said that, as Mr McCleod was unable to make a meeting for a few weeks, he had quickly produced the draft website over the weekend ready for others to comment on.

‘The draft site is only available for comment and has not been released/advertised in any way as the new Wye Future Group website,’ he added.

Mr Moorhead said that Ms Cant had probably done more than anybody else for the group and had given ‘unconditionally’. ‘What is the point of giving our free time to fight one another?’ he added.

‘If this situation continues, I will seriously consider my own position. I find it extraordinary that I have to say that when the cause we fight is greater than all of us.’


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