Finally… the Concordat’s on a political agenda

Until this week’s blast from Ashford Independents, local politicians have been surprisingly cautious about making much noise about the Concordat, until this week’s blast from Ashford Independents. But one would-be local representative thinks it important enough to put it at the top of his agenda.

Jamie Clifford is standing for the parish council election for Wye with Hinxhill, which happens on April 6. On his website he states very clearly…

The biggest single issue facing Wye today is the development plan of Imperial College. It has created a huge amount of uncertainty and concern in the village. All that makes Wye special could be at risk.

We don’t take sides in elections. But we’re very glad to see someone who is standing for public office puts this issue so prominently on his agenda. Mr Clifford is a graduate of Wye and says he couldn’t wait to get back to the village after he married. He is now the development director of Kent County Cricket Club and, he says, ‘very much a man of Kent’.


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