Online and now on paper … 7

A vision of Wye's future?

Coming soon: 7. Another way to read about the future of Wye

Since its launch in January, thousands of people have visited but we are keenly aware that not everybody wants or is able to read the news about Imperial College’s plans for its Wye Science Park on the internet. We also know that not every councillor on Ashford Borough Council or at Kent County Council is aware of the strength of feeling on this subject or the depth of the secret deals entered into in their name.

That is why we are launching 7 — a printed version of this website which will be available in Wye and the villages around within the next week. It will contain everything you see on this website from the previous seven days. We’ll also be mailing it directly to every member of Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and the South East Regional Assembly … every week, so that they are fully aware of the latest news on Imperial’s plans.

It will only be a limited print run and will, of course, be free so we hope that it will serve those who do not see the news online.


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