Solve a riddle! Win a book!

We don’t want to depress you all hereabouts. So welcome to save-wye’s first reader contest!

Yes, put on your thinking caps and you could win a signed first edition of my new book, published today, the fourth in the Nic Costa series of Italian crime stories, The Lizard’s Bite (plug ends here). The prize goes to the person who can offer the best explanation — possibly factual, possibly more cerebral — for the mysterious hand-written council officer’s note we reproduce below.

What is it? Well, we’re not exactly sure. All we know is that it was written by Mr Leigh Herington, the county planning officer for Kent, during one of the private consultative meetings that happened while the rest of us were all happily in the dark about what was going on. The FoI release in which it was included tells us nothing more than that — not a date, or details of the people who were there.

But we think you are a brainy lot. So have a go, and the most plausible solution gets a free signed book. Oh, and if there’s really funny one I’ll hand out a copy to you too. KCC staff are eligible for this contest too and, for this post alone, we will allow you to comment anonymously, though you will need an e-mail address, the privacy of which we will, as always, observe absolutely. How else do we inform the winner?

Just peruse the note then offer a comment, using the form beneath the picture, telling us what you think it’s about, and the identity or meaning of the initials. You can see it full size by clicking on the image here, which will give you the original document in a new window.

No prizes for guessing that C.P.O presumably stands for ‘Compulsory Purchase Order’…

The mysterious note


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One Response to Solve a riddle! Win a book!

  1. Datahound says:

    Here’s my entry:

    Wye (X Links to other Higher Education / ? / Adult Services.

    SG [= Stuart Gibbons] – Imperial link / non-food crop / rural economy
    clusters / rural task force

    MB [= Mike Bodkin] – masterplanning

    CL [= Caroline Lwin, Director Regeneration & Projects] – ‘Design’

    LH [= Leigh Herington] – County Planning Officer – planning and transport

    TM [= Trevor Minter] – ‘Forensic skills’ / ‘Applied economist’

    JF [= Judith Feline, Environment & Economy] – Transport issue

    Linda D/AJ [= Linda Davies/Andrew Jones] – Environmentalist


    1 Propose team
    2 Policy checklist
    3 Timeline
    4 Tactic/legal
    5 Organise – general

    * Joint with Ashford?
    Pete’s Role // In & out.

    > TR / Bryan Raine (Head of Economic Development)
    > Legal advice

    * Pete Raine – Environment Group Chair *
    9th Feb

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