Monthly Archives: March 2006 7 issue 3

The third issue of our print edition — 7 — is available for download now. If you can, please download this, print it out and distribute it to people who do not have access to the web edition. We … Continue reading

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KCC demands government money for new road to Wye

Our elected representatives and their officers deny its existence and insist that nobody has even sat down to sketch a line on a map. But without a single word of public debate, Kent County Council has given notice to the … Continue reading

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Prof Richard’s secret is out: Yes, he PowerPoints too

We speculated the other day about whether Imperial’s deputy rector, Professor Leszek Borysiewicz, resorted to the voodoo of the dreaded Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in order to put across his message when he briefed the college’s management board on the Wye … Continue reading

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Normal service has been resumed….

Update 0539 Friday: save-wye was closed yesterday by a deliberate attack, one we could have survived had it not been for the incompetence of our then hosting service. We are now with a new host and have recovered most of … Continue reading

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Mayor pulls out of launch of Wye Future Group

The Mayor of Ashford has pulled out of the launch of the Wye Future Group to be held this Saturday because he had not been told what the purpose of the organisation is. Cllr Malcolm Eke was asked to launch … Continue reading

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Dishonourable deception that spells the end of Wye

Morgan Clarke comes from the Wye area ‘on the hill on the way to the Kneading Trough in a SSSI. I’ve lived there on and off for 23 years, since I was 10’. He has just finished his doctorate in … Continue reading

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Treasury confirms: Imperial is the favourite to get Government’s ‘future energy institute’

EXCLUSIVE The Treasury has confirmed to that the £1 billion National Insititute for Energy Technologies — announced in last week’s Budget — will be sited on a university campus and that Imperial College is the front-runner. In an exclusive … Continue reading

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