Through the 2k barrier

Yesterday broke two records: we crashed through the 2,000-visitor mark, and registered our highest single readership in one day, some 122 visitors. Just click below to see the details, learn a little about good and bad internet statistics, and admire a pretty graph.

That few? Well, remember we are — and always will be — a single issue website, dedicated solely to discussion of what is now known as ‘Wye Park’. We don’t expect to attract tens of thousands of users, and would hope you would be suspicious, frankly, if we claimed to be doing so. These figures are genuine statistics, produced by an outside party, Statcounter, which has a small piece of code on this site that monitors all traffic. This cleverly ignores visits by the administrators and search engines so the statistics you see here are an absolutely genuine indicator of real, human visitors to our small service.

This week’s figures are shown below. Page loads (also known as page requests) are illusory, since what looks like one page to you may appear several to the counting mechanism; one visit to a front page may often generate ten or twenty page loads, which is why some people always like to quote them, not actual visitor statistics. Always beware of places that reveal nothing but page requests because, on their own, they don’t mean a thing. You can see this in the chart below; on Thursday we generated much higher page loads than Friday, but in reality we had substantially fewer real visitors. In short, the figures for unique and returning visitors here are exactly what they say, determined by Statcounter’s sophisticated external techniques, not any unaudited finger in the air stuff on our part.

This week we’ve had visits from the Houses of Parliament, several universities and newspapers, Ashford Borough Council, many residents from the south east, and also several visitors from abroad, including Namibia, Canada and India, who have stayed for long periods of time. You’re all welcome, and thanks for coming. If you run a website yourself we can’t recommend Statcounter highly enough — and the basic service is free.

We’ve had two more visitors so far today (Saturday) since the report below and it’s just 0809 in the morning. Since we believe in being absolutely open about everything to do with this site we will publish these figures on a weekly basis to show whether is attracting sufficient interest to justify its existence. And now you must excuse me… I’m off to the farmer’s market to buy some goodies.


We have now upgraded our statistics to a faster, flashier internal package known as Mint. This speeds the site for you and gives us a more accurate idea of what is popular on the site, and where we can make things better. Unlike Statcounter, though, Mint isn't free, though we still recommend it for site owners among you looking for a little extra detail.


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